old HDFS 5020 CHHD Graduate Seminar

The CHHD seminar introduces students to current interdisciplinary approaches to the study of human development and health in the context of culture. The course has two main parts: (1) An overview of theoretical approaches to the study of these fields as they relate to each other; and (2) Invited presentations on topics that exemplify the interfaces among these three disciplines. The first part of the course will provide an overview of central issues, such as concepts of culture from both anthropology and psychology, ethnography and human development, gene-environment interactions in development, and integrative theoretical models for the study of health and human development in context. The second part of the course takes into account the particular interests of enrolled students; in 2011, for example, topics included cross-cultural perspectives on the family, and issues in education and intervention in multicultural contexts.

The CHHD seminar is the point of entry for graduate students who wish to obtain a Graduate Certificate in the Culture, Health and Human Development, and it is also a core activity of the associated CHHD Center. Faculty affiliated with the CHHD Program as well as other members of the university community and the public are also invited to attend the presentations. For students interested in the Graduate Certificate Program, the seminar should help to identify topics and/or methods that they may wish to pursue in order to carry out their CHHD research project.

Requirements for the course, in addition to regular attendance and participation in class, include preparation of a brief summary of one of the presentations (to be posted on the CHHD website), preparation of a summary and critique of particular readings, and a 12-page research paper related to a topic in culture, health and human development. For further information or to get a permission number, please contact Professor Sara Harkness ( Sara.Harkness@UConn.edu).