Pouran Faghri


Allied Health Sciences, Community Medicine, School of Engineering


Professional Interests:

  • Obesity research
  • Occupational Obesity and Aging Research
  • Work-site health promotion programs (design/intervention/evaluation)
  • Community health promotion programs (design/intervention/evaluation)
  • Health-related behavior, intervention strategies, and evaluation of social determinants of health
  • Self-care, self-awareness, and decision making strategies under uncertain or distributed environments
  • Health promotion and secondary disability prevention (neuromuscular, musculoskeletal,and physiological) in disabled and elderly populations
  • Biomechanical and metabolic evaluation of exercise interventions including kinematics and kinetics evaluations using motion analysis and electromyography in able-bodied persons and individuals with physical disabilities
  • Musculoskeletal modeling, artificial neural network, and PAC algorithms
  • Non-invasive cardiovascular/hemodynamic assessment techniques (impedance cardiography/plethysmography)
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