CHHD Graduate Certificate Program: Application for Admission

Before you start your application, please have the following ready to upload:

List courses you have already taken related to culture, health and/or human development. (eg: Medical Anthropology, Theories of Human Development, Concepts of Nutrition)


            You will list them in the same document as your personal statement, described next.


Personal statement:

Briefly describe your current research interests and how they relate to culture, health and human development.  Include any background experiences that may be relevant (e.g. international experience, work with diverse cultural groups, work in health or human development).  How do you hope the CHHD graduate certificate will prepare you to attain your academic and professional goals? At the end please list your related, completed courses.

            You will upload this document under “Essays and documents” (please see step #7 below).


A letter of recommendation from your major advisor:

This letter can be brief, but it should indicate your advisor’s approval of including the CHHD graduate certificate in your graduate education; any other comments on how your advisor thinks earning the CHHD certificate would be a good addition to your graduate education are welcome. Please see step #10 below).


Now to get started: Applicants should proceed to

This updated application mirrors the same process as the application you filled out for your current degree program.  You’ll need to create a new account for this additional program (you can reuse the email and password, just make a new username). 

Here are steps for completing the application after setting up your new account:

  1. On the opening “Application Management” page, click “start a new application” and select “graduate certificate.” Upon clicking “Submit,” you will be returned to the “Application Management” page. Click the new application you just created and when the detailed box pops up, click “Open application.”
  2. A page of “Instructions” comes next. Review these and begin with “Personal Background” (on the left). The system will then take you through each screen starting with some contact and biographical information.
  3. You will next arrive at “Intended Program” (see picture below). For the level of study choose “certificate,” for academic area choose “health,” and for the program choose “Culture, Health, and Human Development Graduate Certificate.” Storrs is the only available campus to select. Choose your entry term (e.g. Fall 2020).
    Intended program image
  4. On the next screen of “Enrollment Details” type, then select Sara Harkness as your chosen advisor. You can leave the second choice blank.
  5. After a few questions on “Experience,” you will get to the “Academic History” screen, where you will enter your institution (University of Connecticut), then upload your transcript. Include a copy of your unofficial UConn graduate transcript. Since you are already an admitted student, no additional official records are required.
  6. The system will then take you through “Test Scores,” and “Employment.”
  7. On the next page, “Essays and Documents,” you will upload your personal statement along with the list of related courses you have completed.
  8. The next page is the “Residence Affadavit.”
  9. “Graduate Supplemental” has a few questions regarding criminal history.
  10. Under “Recommendations,” you will upload your current advisor’s recommendation that you be accepted to the CHHD Graduate Certificate program.
  11. The process concludes with how you heard of the program, electronic signatures and a final review.


Once you start, please send an email to to request a waiver of your application fee. We recommend that you email Lisa Pane ( about this, as she is already familiar with the CHHD graduate certificate program.  Once all the required documents (listed above) are included, you’ll be able to submit. Please let CHHD Associate Director Caroline Mavridis ( know when you have submitted your application so we can review and approve it.

Important!!  You will ultimately receive a notification about your application from the Graduate School. Please follow the instructions to open the attached document (which should be an acceptance letter) and click your acceptance of the offer of admission.  If you don’t do this, your application will eventually be cancelled by the Graduate School.

Good luck with this process, and we look forward to welcoming you to the CHHD graduate certificate program!  If you run into any questions in the process, please contact ( for assistance.