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  • New Publication
    Harkness, S., & Super, C. M. (Eds.) (2020). Cross-cultural research on parents: Applications to the care and development of children. New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 170. DOI:10.1002/cad.20341
  • New Publication (over 33,000 downloads!)
    Brenick, A., Schachner, M. K., Carvalheiro, D., & Karr, E. (2020). (No) space for prejudice! Varied forms of negative outgroup attitudes and ethnic discrimination and how they develop or can be prevented in the classroom. In H. E. Fitzgerald, D. J. Johnson, D. B. Qin, F. A. Villarruel, & J. Norder, Handbook of children and […]
  • New Publication
    Mavridis, C., Harkness, S., Super, C. M., & Liu, J. L. (2019). Family workers, stress, and the limits of self-care. Children and Youth Services Review, 103, 236–246. stress practice graph.2


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