Poster Gallery – Student and Faculty Presentations

  Subiani, Abbas, Akef, & Şahin: Challenges and Opportunities for International Students – 2020


  Carvalheiro et al: Temperament and Activity – 2019

  Tsamaase et al: Batswana Grandmothers’ Ethnotheories – 2019

  Lin et al: Chinese and U.S. Mothers’ Ethnotheories – 2019

  Carvalheiro et al – Group norms and adolescent evaluations – 2019

  Shah et al: family and school belonging

  Margie et al – Intent attributions

  Brenick et al: Cultural identity and outgroup norms – 2016

  Carvalheiro et al: Adolescent social reasoning

  Brenick et al: Bullying experience – 2016