Rogoff videos

Our 2021 3-min NSF research video shows the power of contributing to a community in motivating learning, especially among students from communities that are underserved in schools.  The sophisticated collaboration often found among Indigenous-heritage and Mexican-heritage children is part of becoming community-minded. The video took 2 awards in NSF’s Video Showcase competition, in the Public Choice and the Most Discussed categories.

Our 2020 3-minute video shows how Indigenous and Mexican-heritage families foster children’s contributions at home and help them learn to collaborate.  It won the Public Choice award and was second Most Discussed, in NSF’s 2020 video contest.

Our 2019 3-minute video shows the impressive ways that Mexican-heritage children collaborated in a planning task and programming a computer game.  Our video won awards in all 4 categories in NSF’s video contest — most discussed, public choice, presenter choice, and facilitator choice!

Our 2018 3-minute video for NSF,  “Learning by Helping,” shows the helpfulness of Mexican-heritage children whose families don’t have much schooling. Our video won #3 in NSF’s Public Choice voting (out of 214 videos), behind a beautiful Monarch video from the National Park Service and a beautiful owl video from the Smithsonian! It was also the second-most discussed video.

Our 3-minute video from 2017 focuses on the sophisticated collaboration of Mexican-heritage and Indigenous American children. It was voted #2 out of 171 videos in NSF’s 2017 Video Showcase, and was also the second-most discussed video.

Our 3-minute video “Learning by Observing” draws attention to strengths for learning among Indigenous and Mexican-heritage children. It was honored by NSF as the top public vote-getter and a top conversation-generator, of all 156 videos in NSF’s 2016 Video Showcase.

This 6-minute video about cultural change and continuity, and the roles of individuals and culture is based on Rogoff’s award-winning book, “Developing Destinies: A Mayan Midwife and Town” (Oxford). Also have a look at related paintings and photos  (All royalties are contributed to projects in this Guatemala Mayan town.)